Frankfort Airport

My flight from Washington was rough. Not only did I not get enough sleep, but there was an hour delay. I missed my connection to Nice in Frankfurt, so I am currently on the waiting list for the next flight at 4:30 and crossing my fingers that I get on it.  I was supposed to land in Nice at 2:30, but now I won’t arrive until 6:00.  For the last few hours I have been sitting around the airport depressed that I am in the same country as Katherine and I can’t see her for another 2 weeks. You also have to pay for the wi-fi here so the plans to skype my mother did not follow through.  I finally finished my final paper, but I also have to wait until I have an internet connection to submit it.  Hopefully I’ll be able to do it in Nice; otherwise, I’ll have to wait until I get to my room in Cannes.
I board in about an hour, so I guess I’ll watch a movie on my laptop until it dies (I can’t find an outlet anywhere!).  Let’s hope I make it to Cannes tonight!

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