My First Shift at AmPav

I woke up and went straight down to the lobby to finally use the internet.  I want to skype my parents so bad, but the only free time I have is the morning which is so inconvenient for them.  Soon, I hope though.  There was a bus strike today, but a few of us managed to catch the hotel shuttle over to the festival which ended up being better.  It’s free, you get to sit, and there are no stops along the way.  It’s a quick five minute drive.  We got to the festival around 10.  We immediately found a girl from my group.  I split up from my group and walked around with her instead.  We decided to walk along the main street with the large hotels to see what was happening tonight.  Obviously, we wanted to attend the Lady Gaga concert on the beach, but you needed an invitation.  We also found out where a lot of the celebrities were staying from the paparazzi standing outside of the hotels.  By the time we walked back, it was time to go into work.  This was the first time we got to use our accreditation badges to get into the festival.  It’s a GREAT feeling when you get into go inside and all of the tourists behind you try to get in and get turned away.  It happens every single time I check in.  You have to pass about three security guards in three different places before you’re in just to make sure you have the accreditation.  Even when you’re inside, you still have to get it checked again before you enter specific buildings.  These badges are like gold.  First of all, they’re expensive.  Second of all, you aren’t even allowed to buy one unless you work for the industry or have a purpose of being at the festival.  It’s fantastic.  You can’t even see a film without one, which is great, because we don’t have to pay to see films.
My shift started at 11:00am.  It was another beautiful day today.  I loved being outside in the sun.  The restaurant is completely overstaffed though.  The largest amount of tables I had to take care of today was four.  For most of the time, it was two.  It’s so unnecessary, but at least I get to be at the festival.  Because it is so overstaffed, they are so laid back about everything.  I wanted to research films in the million trade presses lying around the restaurant/festival. My supervisor told me to go have a seat and just keep an eye on my tables.  We get free beverages and we’re allowed to drink them while we work.  The most important part of working is meeting people.  I spoke with some girls who are promoting a film (low-budget action) called Amsterdam Heavy.  They were very sweet and talked to me for a long time.  I also spoke with a man who was here from Toronto financing his film.  He was also so sweet.  It’s amazing how many questions they ask you once you get them going in a conversation.  They also tip better when you talk to them.  The thing about the tips is that we don’t get to keep our own.  We have a jar we put them in and we split it up at the end of the festival, so we’ll probably only get 20 euro at most, it seems.  The best part of the day was when I spoke with a man from the UK (his parents actually live in Hudson, Ohio now).  He is the creative director for an internet TV program and is here for interviews and red carpets.  We spoke for so long and after I brought him his food, he invited me to sit down with him and join him for lunch… during my shift.  I did.  We also exchanged cards which made me very happy.  We had a very interesting conversation and I had a great time.
My shift was over by then so one of my roommates and I got some food from a stand outside the festival.  I had a delicious Nutella sandwich.  We walked around the Marche du Film, just to get a little more acquainted.  I found out where a few of the film’s production companies were in the Pavilion so I can scout for some tickets to red carpets tomorrow or the next.  We headed back to the Pavilion for the raffle for the Lumiere (the big theater with the red carpet) screenings.  I ended up getting tickets for We Need to Talk about Kevin.  A brand new Tilda Swinton, John C. Reilly film that I’m very excited for.  The film is at 8:30am though, so I’ll be going to that and then working the 11-5 shift again tomorrow.
Dana and I walked back to the hotel, got ready, and drank some wine in her room. Before going out, another girl joined us and we got a glass of wine across the street and shared a pizza before heading to Cannes with a few other girls as well.  We ended up at the Grand Hotel.  There is a bar outside sponsored by Greygoose and it was so glamorous.  You just felt important being there.  It was so amazing.  We went to the bar across the street next.  It is on the beach, but the club is actually inside a very nice restaurant.  This one was a little harder to get into, but we all got in.  They charged to use the bathroom at this place, but I managed to sneak in when someone else was paying and never got caught!  We weren’t about to spend 15 euro on a drink, so we stayed sober tonight.  Some of the other girls were flirting with old European men, though, and they got a bottle of Greygoose out of it.  The bottles were only 80 euro at these bars though which doesn’t seem too bad.  The men were very forward and the bar was mostly filled with locals. Hopefully we’ll have a better chance at parties tomorrow or the next night.  I’m sure we will.  We did have a great time speaking with some French men though. They were very funny and I really do think I’m getting better with my French because of speaking to people like this.  I’m getting excited.  Three of us took a taxi home and now I’m about to go to sleep… and get up in three hours, or so.
Dana and I are going to scout for some red carpet screenings tomorrow.  She interned for the company that produced Drive, Ryan Gosling’s film, so hopefully they’ll be able to get her some tickets.  Otherwise, hopefully I can get The Skin I Live In and The Artist.  We’ll see what comes.  I’m going to see the Red Carpet film first, head into work, and then go see Restless, Gus Van Sant’s new film afterward.  So that will be my day.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get into Restless.  You don’t need a ticket, but you do have to wait in line for at least an hour.  We’ll see what happens!  I’m excited though and I can’t wait to talk about my first film tomorrow.

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