Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger’s Tide

I feel like each day here gets better and better.  I can’t believe some of the stuff that I’ve already done.  I feel so spoiled, but I can’t help but share these experiences with my family and friends.

I had the early morning shift again, from 7:30-1:30 and had to stay the whole time.  Everyone on our shift was either still drunk or so hungover.  I was neither.  Thank God.  I haven’t gotten drunk at all since I’ve been here because I FEAR a hangover.  I did have a lot of wine the night before, but I guess I lucked out.  The shift was not busy, and all of us spent the majority of our time talking about Ezra Miller.  This was when I learned that he is only 18… suddenly, I feel like a huge cougar.  Whatever.  He was adorable and really fun, and I’m never going to see him again.  All great qualities in a man.  Despite the fact that I was completely exhausted and would have loved to take a nap, I made my way to the Short Film Corner to watch some of the short films for the festival.  I had the opportunity to watch three films done by some of the students in the program and I was pretty impressed with their work, and obviously jealous that I can’t produce something like that.  I dozed off a little during the hour I spent there, but I managed to wake up for my next great adventure.
The UK Pavilion was hosting Lynne Ramsay, the director of We Need to Talk About Kevin, the producer of the film, and Tilda Swinton for a panel discussion about the film.  Jay, a student who works the same shift as me, went together and loved every minute of it.  Not only was I about fifteen feet away from them, but it was so interesting to hear the director’s take on such an ambiguous film.  I feel as if my interpretation almost shifted because of it.  Even though I’ve seen it twice, I kind of pathetically want to see it a third time before I leave.  I know this film doesn’t seem like a big deal to anyone because there isn’t even a trailer for it yet and Ezra Miller is pretty much a nobody (to everyone back in America, at least; he is the most discussed actor here at Cannes because of this performance) and Tilda Swinton is not a mainstream actress, but it has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and will be huge, I promise.  It won’t be released until September, I think.  I will guarantee you that I will be in at the Easton theater watching this film when it comes out in the fall… again.  It was incredible being in such a personal setting with very important people in the way of film and especially representing a film I very much admire.  If anyone knows me, I am very hard to please when it comes to recent film, but I have to say, I haven’t seen a film this good in YEARS!  Let’s talk about Tilda and how gorgeous she is.  She is so unique looking, but absolutely beautiful and very professional.  She is very tall and does not wear any make-up, whatsoever.  Not even to premieres.  I respect her so much as a performer.  Being that close to an Academy Award winner… wow.  Just wow.
I rushed back to the hotel to change into a formal gown so I could attend the Red Carpet Premiere at Cannes for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger’s Tide.  I met up with a girl I work with and we tried to make our way to the rush line for the film.  Neither of us had rushed before so we had no idea where it was.  The entire CITY was backed up because of this film.  We had to push our way through fans to get to the line, which was practically empty.  Very surprising.  The fans here are so pathetic and it is really the one thing that absolutely annoys me about being here.  The accreditation isn’t very expensive, about 300 euro, but you have to have a reason to attend the festival to receive one.  You apply and the festival can either accept or deny your request.  People not involved in the industry cannot attend.  Period.  Without that badge, you can’t see any films or get into the festival grounds.  Because of this, the streets and sidewalks are constantly filled with tourists who are here for the festival, yet can’t do a thing because they don’t have accreditation.  I’m tired of pushing through pissed off tourists because they can’t get anywhere without the badge.  All they are really here for is to see celebrities, which are very hard to spot in the first place.  These people stand outside of the red carpet, basically taking pictures of backs of heads because it’s so crowded and getting in people’s way.  While I think it’s so cool to see these celebrities, obviously, I am not here for that.  I love being able to see two films a day and great ones at that.  Film is an art form and a business here, and these visitors don’t even appreciate that.  Cannes is ridiculously expensive and more so during the festival.  I can’t think of any other way to describe these people, but pathetic.  To spend that much money to see a celebrity from so far away?  Really?  The times I’ve come across them has only been inside the festival, and still I’ve only met Ezra.  Whatever.  Enough ranting about the stinky tourists.
We had the opportunity to watch the entire red carpet.  Not only was the cast there, but also Jane Fonda, Woody Allen, Charlize Theron, and Kirsten Dunst.  Chelsea and I got into the premiere.  Apparently, unless the film is in French, it is very easy to get into the film without an invitation.  After picking up the world’s most comfortable 3D glasses, we sat in our orchestra seats, only rows away from the amazing and beautiful cast.  It really is a different experience seeing the film knowing the artists who created it are sitting in the same room as you… probably having an anxiety attack.  I know I would.  I didn’t care much for the film.  It was probably at the same level as the second.  Nothing can beat the first one.
After the film, we walked out and of course, Jane Fonda was only about three people behind us.  Everyone’s dress was insanely gorgeous and I was jealous of everyone’s there.  They all looked so stunning and expensive.  I’m sure everyone at this premiere was very important.  We wanted to have an early night, so we got dinner before heading back to the hotel.  We got beef fondue and some wine and it was absolutely delicious.  I could really go for some more.  The food here has been amazing.  It came with a salad and fries as well, and they were just as wonderful.  Everything is served with fries here, which I think is kind of weird.
I ended my night by skyping with Mom, Dad, and Kip, the cuddle monster.  It was great to finally speak with them other than texts and Facebook.  I went to bed at 1am, which is probably the earliest I have this I’ve arrived.  The amount of sleep I got, which was thankfully more than two hours, topped off this perfect day at the Festival.  I am still the luckiest person in the world and I’m so grateful for every second that I get to spend here.  Please don’t end.

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