Martha Marcy May Marlene

I started out my morning by attending a market screening for the film Norman.  I got the invitations from the director.  I met him at work and then he e-mailed me. He seems like a really cool guy and someone I would love to keep in touch with. The film was a lot different than I thought it would be.  The trailer is on youtube, so just type in Norman trailer and I’m sure it’ll pop up.  The poster looked like it would be a typical teen comedy, but it had much deeper content.  I would imagine that it would be a difficult film to market though.  The cinematography and lighting represents the comedy genre, but the content is completely different.  I also think it would appeal to a younger crowd, but it would need to be edited.  I think they said fuck more than once.  I’m almost positive it’s only allowed once in PG-13 films, but I could be wrong.  However, I don’t know if the content is appropriate either.  It’ll be interesting to see where this film goes.  The music was done by Andrew Bird and it was really great.  I loved it.  A lot of buyers also seemed very interested at the end of the film as well.
I went into work next to get something to eat and find my roommate Danielle to go to the Martha Marcy May Marlene screening at 2pm.  A few others went with us and we got in line to see it an hour and a half early.  Thank god we got in!  This film has been getting rave reviews and did phenomenal at Sundance.  Elizabeth Olsen is in it and she also did a great job.  I really liked the film, but I didn’t love it.  The ending kind of threw me off, but it was definitely unique.  I think it’s a film worth seeing and it definitely sparked some conversation among the interns at the Pavilion.  I recommend it.  The fact that the people who worked on it are so young astonishes me and makes me very proud.
I had to work the 4-10 shift right after.  I also liked this shift because you have the whole day and the coffee shop and kitchen closes fairly early, so eventually you only have to get people drinks.  I chatted with a few interesting people.  It’s getting a lot easier to talk to people and I feel a lot more comfortable doing it.  For the most part, people are very friendly and they like to talk about their job and promote themselves too.  At one of my tables, I talked to an actor.  He was so nice! He was telling me all about the projects he’s worked on.  He was in Hotel Rwanda and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.  He was the African pirate in the scene where all of the pirates from around the world had a meeting.  He told me it was a fantastic experience and Johnny Depp was one of the sweetest guys. Eventually, at the same table, a familiar face walked in.  It was none other than Ryan Gosling.  Of course, I freaked out and didn’t know what to do because he was sitting at my table, but I had to take his order and act professional while I did it. All of the interns were going crazy and finding creative ways to snap pictures of him.  It was the biggest struggle in the world.  We also found out that he’s coming to give a panel about his film Drive on Wednesday and I’m so excited!  I hope I can get a picture with him!  At around nine, one of the girls, Emily, my roommate, Nicole, and I decided to be bad employees and just sit on the computers for the last hour of work.  I looked up a few things and watched a few trailers.  It was all film related at least.
We got off at ten and the five of us, Nicole, Jay, Tara, Emily, and I, who were on this shift decided to go out.  We had to get back to our hotel though to get ready. After drinking wine on the bus and coming back to put on some new clothes, we were ready to go at midnight and Tara and Emily’s roommate joined us.  We got back to Cannes and Jay took us to this bar where everyone hangs out in the street. It was very “college-like,” and we wanted to do something a little classier, so the girls went to Croissette street and checked out the Ritz Carlton, but we felt way too under dressed and young for that crowd.  We decided that we wanted to go to VIP Room, which is this huge club on the other side of town that a lot of the celebrities go to.  You tried to find a taxi for 2 hours.  We stopped 4, and all 4 turned us down.  One was from the Martinez hotel that they called for us, but they called one for only four people.  Once it showed it, the driver told us that he couldn’t take us and left.  The hotel told us we had to leave.  It was so frustrating.  Another taxi told us it was because the road was blocked… it was blocked because he was at a red light and the other street was driving.  Later, we found out that people will not serve you in Cannes unless you are wearing a gown basically.  Lesson learned.  It was the most frustrating night and at 2:30, we finally found a private driver who took us back to our hotel instead of the VIP Room, because even though it stays open until 7:00am, the bar closes at 2:00am.  Failure of the night.  Rough.

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