Terrible Film, Great Parties

I didn’t have to work until 2 today, so I wanted to go see a film before work.  I did want to sleep in a little, so I missed the 10am film I wanted to see.  It was Return, a film at the Director’s Fortnight, which isn’t TECHNICALLY a part of the Cannes Festival, but is.  It’s confusing.  These films are a separate competition started after the protests at the Festival in the 1960s.  Apparently, the protests had something to do with the festival not really being about the art of film anymore and simply because of the business.  This is still true and it definitely something I never expected coming here.  It’s kind of sad that if you are not “interested” in buying the film or are a part of a distribution company, it’s close to impossible to see a film here.  Today is a great example of that.  So since, I missed Return, I decided to to try to see the next day showing of the Tree of Life.  After watching many people with press badges show up late and still get in while a crowd of people wait outside.  Tired of waiting, I walk a few feet over to the Lumiere theatre to see if I could still rush The Beaver’s 11am showing.  The men in suits told me that the theatre was closed.  Being snobby, I asked if it was closed or full.  They didn’t answer, but many other people with press badges were still arriving late and going into the theatre.  I gave the men dirty looks and then walked away.  The Artist was playing in a smaller theater about a fifteen minute walk away.  I tried to get in, but I didn’t… once again.  Only buyers got in, but they told all of us waiting that they were showing it again tomorrow in a much bigger theater.  Even though I didn’t get in, I was relieved that I would finally be able to see it tomorrow.

I had two more hours to spare before work and I really wanted to see a film, so I checked the guide and found an Un Certain Regard film showing at noon that I could catch.  Un Certain Regard is another competition here at Cannes, so all of the films are chosen to be here.  They have to be good then, right?  The film is Outside Satan, a French film that I knew nothing about, but saw anyway.  Within the first few minutes, people immediately started to walk out… and with good reason.  How does this film even exist?  There was not a motivated plot, not even in the least bit.  I watched two characters, one named “The Guy” and one named “The Girl,” walk around the French countryside, which was actually beautiful (and the only good part of the film), and kneel sometimes.  I’m guessing they were praying to Satan, even though it wasn’t explicitly stated.  After about 10 minutes, The Guy shot The Girl’s stepdad, which I thought would start a plot, but sadly, it did not and it wasn’t even talked about after it happened.  I fell asleep and I think that was the only reason why I stayed, so I had somewhere to nap.  I woke up to the only noise that was made throughout the entire film (because there was barely any dialogue), which was a very graphic sex scene in the middle of the grass.  It looked like sex, but suddenly it looked like rape, so I was so confused!  It was the most disturbing and graphic thing I’ve ever seen.  Then, it looked like he killed the girl during it (which wasn’t even The Girl, it was a random girl who wasn’t in the movie besides this scene), but then all of a sudden, she woke up and climbed into a pond and swam.  It was the WEIRDEST thing I’ve ever seen.  I walked out with about ten minutes left of the film.  It was not worth being late for work for.

I got to work and didn’t really do much… as usual.  I ended up sitting in a roundtable with the Aerosmith’s Music Producer, which was great for me.  He spent the majority of the time talking about scoring films, which is not something I want to do, but it was definitely interesting.  He said one of the best film score’s of all time, in his opinion, is American Beauty’s.  So glad we have that in common.  A pleasant surprise from this roundtable was learning that he scores rides for Disney World.  He scored the entire ride and queue, which includes all of the alley and recording studio noises, not even music, for Rock N Roller Coaster.  He also scored Mission: Space.  He scored a lot more, but those were the two he went into detail in.  I was loving it and he was such an interesting man.  I talked to other amazing people too during work.  A producer was very helpful and gave me some great advice.  He told me that a lot of people come to LA without experience and if I work in Cleveland as PA for about a year, I can actually go to LA with experience and it will be easier to get a job with the contacts I’ve made.  The Avengers is filming in Cleveland this summer, and he gave me the contact information on how to get on set, so I can’t wait to work on it when I go home.

After I spent the afternoon faking work and eating Nutella Banana Paninis and strawberries that I bought from random stands at the Festival, it finally came time to go to my first Invitation Only party.  It took forever to print out the invitations and find the venue, but Emily and I left straight from work and made it there.  It was on the roof of the Marriott hotel on Croissette Street, so it was amazing.  It’s called the Nikki Beach Terrace, so it has a pool, hot tubs, and beds with pillows up there.  It was so nice and we were loving the open bar.  The champagne was delicious and refreshing, compared to Andre, obviously. The servers made sure there was never an empty glass in our hands, so we ended up with three glasses total by the end of the party.  We also ate so much food and it was all so delicious.  We just sat on one of the beds and just enjoyed ourselves while we were there.  A few boys came up to talk to us, but some of them were creepy, like wearing sunglasses when it was dark out… come on.  Leather jacket in 100 degree weather? Um… what?  Anyways, a producer came up to talk to us that was actually really cool.  He asked us what we were interested in, and I told him Development.  He replies by telling me that he is actually hiring someone for Development soon, but I still have one more year until I graduate.  I told him I was going to start applying for jobs in November, but he is planning on hiring within the next six months.  He said if things don’t work out, he’ll keep me in mind.  What a downer.  I want a job now!  He felt bad that we were only invited to this party, so he gave us his contact information and invited us to a villa party that started around 1am.  We were so excited!


Emily and I left the party… a little buzzed from the champagne… and went to Cafe Roma, an outdoor restaurant across from the Palais.  We ordered these crazy drinks that they fill with candy and fruit.  They were too strong to drink, but they were at least fun to look at.  Emily got a Thai Salad and I got the most delicious tortellini that I’ve ever had.  I still can’t stop thinking about it… it was that good.  Dana and Grace met up with us for dinner and we discussed our plans for the night.  We were all going to go to the villa together, but they got out of work at 10:30pm and were exhausted.  We found another girl, Katie, at the restaurant, so since Dana and Grace weren’t coming, she could fit in the cab and the three of us headed to the villa in the hills together.  It wasn’t too far, but it was a gated community filled with mansions, so after we got the gate code, we headed up the hill and found the house… which had a name. It was so nice and had an amazing patio.  We were a little nervous at first because there weren’t a lot of people there, but the crazy party turned into a chill get-together to get rid of the alcohol that was leftover from their last crazy party.  It was just a production company from New York that we’ve seen around the Pavilion and it was actually a really good time.  They had a fire going and we just sat in comfy chairs and talked.  They were so interesting and helpful.  I love how willing people in the industry are to give advice to students… it’s definitely helped me enjoy my time here.  After spending a few hours with these people and drinking another glass of champagne, we decided to head out… pondering whether or not we should go to a club… but actually just went back to the hotel.  I’m glad I finally got to go out and actually have a great night.  The party was fantastic and sitting out on the patio was so relaxing.


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