The Artist

The Artist was playing again today at 12pm, but my work shift was 11-5.  On Sunday, they play all of the competition films again, but I didn’t want to wait until then to see this film.  This was the one film I was most looking forward to seeing at Cannes.  I talked to my boss and she let me come into work early, leave for the film, and then come back to work.  I was so happy… as long as I got into the theater.  At around 11:30am, one of the staff members of the Pavilion and I left work so we could go see the film.  We waited in a long line, nervous that we would get denied once again.  Finally, after letting in all of the buyers and press, we were in.  It was unreal and I could not contain my excitement.  All of the times I’ve waited for this film better be worth it, I thought.  And guess what?  IT WAS WORTH IT!  It was an INCREDIBLE film!  I explained the film earlier, but wow!  It was definitely the most unique film I’ve seen at Cannes so far.  Not because it’s in black-and-white.  Not because it has a 4:3 aspect ratio.  And not because it’s silent. The film is a clean-cut narrative.  It’s simple.  It does not leave you guessing.  It’s not complicated.  It’s all out there to simply entertain you.  Nothing is ambiguous. It does not make you think.  It’s just a happy, funny film (despite the ending, which does make you tear up a little).  WHY DON’T THEY MAKE MOVIES LIKE THIS ANYMORE?!  The narrative had a very 1940s/1950s feel to it and everything else about it was so enjoyable.  The plot was very similar to Singin’ in the Rain, which, of course, is one reason to love it.  When the main character first came on screen, I immediately saw a resemblance to Gene Kelly and the character was so similar to Don Lockwood.  I couldn’t believe it.  It’s upsetting though, because a film like this would be so hard to market to the United States.  It’s something uncommon and not something that would appeal to an everyday audience.  Hopefully, the Weinstein Company does something with it and it gets a somewhat wide release.  I recommend this film to everyone… even if you don’t think you’ll be able to sit through a silent, black-and-white film.  You’ll get used to it.  It’s like reading subtitles, kind of.  You forget that it’s even silent… well… until the sound and dialogue actually comes, but I won’t give it away and get into that.
I got back to work, but it wasn’t very busy.  Molly, the supervisor of the coffee shop, and I just ordered some food and ate because there was really nothing else to do.  After I wandered around the restaurant for the next few hours, I finally was off work.  I had plans to rush The Skin I Live In, but I wasn’t in that much of a hurry to get back, so Tara, Emily, and I decided to go walk around the International Village and check out all of the other countries’ pavilions.  Not everyone’s is as big, but some are a lot nicer.  With nicer couches and tables and some are on a patio, not on the beach, which gives it a better view, I think.  The people we met at the Abu Dhabi Pavilion were so nice and talked to us for a long time.  They even gave us a free bag!  A few of them were from Morocco and told us that Morocco was only two hours away.  Emily and I immediately got excited, since our day off was coming up, until we realized that was by plane.  We moved on to other pavilions on our side of the Village.  It was like traveling through Epcot in Disney World; every country was represented in a unique way.
We went to the shuttle station afterward and I ended up waiting there for over a half hour.  The transportation system here is unreal and the people here can be incredibly rude about getting on a shuttle.  There are limited seats, and just because you were there first does not mean you get on the next shuttle… or the next… or the next, which is what happened in this case.  The shuttle drivers don’t exactly favor the American students as they do their own people, which is unfortunate for those who have been waiting a lot longer… like a few other students and me.
I got back to Cannes about a half hour later than I planned to, but I made it to the premiere of The Skin I Live In, a Spanish film by the same director as Volver, a film I love.  Pedro Almodovar.  During the red carpet, I got to see Antonio Banderas, who was pretty cute, but was looking a little old.  He was very entertaining on the carpet though, which was refreshing.  I’m tired of seeing the actors take forever to walk up and just stand there to be photographed.  Antonio basically danced his way up the carpet.  It was cute.
I didn’t get into the film, so I didn’t know what to do for the next two hours.  I went back to the Pavilion to see if anyone wanted to get dinner, but most people attended a Super 8 film screening that some of the students made and put on. Afterward, they had a cocktail party for them that I couldn’t attend since I wasn’t watching the films.  One of the bartenders got me a glass of wine though and I just hung around for an hour or so.  We had a Karaoke party planned for us at 9:00, but I was so hungry for dinner so I finally completed a lifetime goal of mine!  I went to a nice restaurant BY MYSELF and ate BY MYSELF!  It was so independent of me and amazing!  I ordered some of that tortellini that I couldn’t stop thinking about and a glass of wine.  I think the waiter felt bad for me, so he gave me another drink for free.  I had no idea what it was, but it tasted good.  Apparently, he had no idea how much I was loving it.  It was so French and professional of me.
The Karaoke party was underway by the time I got back to the Pavilion.  They gave us discounted/free drinks and played loud music for the interns… which turned into a mess.  I pretty much just spent the night observing, but I did have a lot of fun.  The party went until 11:30pm and they kicked all of us out, so we all traveled to Morrisson’s, an Irish pub, in a herd.  The bar was filled with interns and there was a band playing which made for a good night.  I had a lot of fun and it was nice to finally be out and have a few drinks while I’m at it, but I still wanted to get a fair amount of sleep.  Dana, Grace, and I took a taxi home around 1am, but stopped at the pizza shop across the street from our hotel for a late-night snack.  We requested to have the cute guy who works there to take our order, so we attempted to flirt with him for a long time until we actually decided on food.  Before we could even make a decision, the owner of the shop gave us an entire bag of gummy bears to eat.  He must have loved us.  After we finished eating the food we did eventually order, we came inside and went to bed.

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