This Must Be The Place

I had the early shift at work and I was really excited for it!  I love getting off early so I have the whole day ahead of me!  However, the shift starts at 7:30am… and Jay and I didn’t roll in until 7:45am.  We thought it was bad until we noticed that we were some of the first people there.  Not only did people show up for work about an hour late, but some didn’t even come in at all.  I guess that’s what they get for throwing us a party.  The Festival is winding down, so not a lot of people came into the Pavilion at all.  We don’t start serving food until 11am anyway, so the interns spent the majority of our morning sitting around, hanging out, using the computers, sitting on the beach, etc.  It was an easy morning and was perfect for such a nice day.  I ended up getting off work really early, at 11am.  I was thinking about going to see The Skin I Live In at 11:30am for the next day screening, but apparently it was the longest line for a next day screening thus far at the Festival. Instead, I ate lunch at the Pavilion and then went back to the hotel.
Once I got back, I ended up seeing Sarah, a girl who also works at the restaurant who actually had off work, about to head to the beach.  She waited for me to buy a beach towel and sunscreen for a zillion dollars and change into my suit.  We then went to the beach in La Bocca together.  We were at the beach from about 1pm until 5pm.  It was so hot out, so I reapplied sunscreen about every half hour, but that didn’t stop the sun from burning my skin to a crisp with an uneven sunburn. Whoops?  It doesn’t hurt that bad and it’s already starting to turn into a tan, so I’m not complaining.
After I came in, I showered and got ready for a night in Cannes at the red carpet. Emily, Genevieve, and I rushed the 7:30 red carpet premiere for This Must Be The Place, a new Sean Penn film.  As I watched the stars of the film walk down the carpet and up the stairs, I began to think about how exciting this was when I saw the cast of We Need to Talk About Kevin do it and even Pirates of the Caribbean 4, but now after I’ve seen so many… it’s all the same.  Yeah, it’s cool to see the celebrities, but they’re not that up close and it takes them forever to walk.  I just want to see the film.  Don’t get me wrong, the red carpets are a great time, but after awhile, they’re all the same and kind of blur together.
We ended up getting into the film, but we were put into the overflow room.  I wasn’t too concerned about it because it wasn’t a film I was dying to see.  The film itself was not very good either.  Sean Penn, of course, does a phenomenal job in his role, but when does he ever produce poor work?  Never.  I could see an Oscar nod in his future for this film.  The film was a mess and kind of unnecessary though.  The main plot was the worst of all the plots, and the subplots were so random and undeveloped.  None of the content really intertwined or connected, which was disappointing.  They didn’t even get to the main plot until about 45 minutes into the film, I loved it up until then.  During the first 45 minutes, they spent all of this time introducing these small plots that they barely ever referred to and weren’t really necessary to the story.  Anyways, I thought the film was okay, not bad or good, when it first ended.  After I thought about it more, it was definitely not something I would recommend.
In order to avoid the crowd, we walked out of the Artist’s Entrance where all of the celebrities walk in and out of.  We needed to go back in after we realized we wanted to go out to dinner at the other end of the Palais, so we walked back inside the entrance and we spy none other than Rosario Dawson.  I’m surprised we saw her though because of how much of a twig she is.  Her dress was absolutely stunning though!  I was really tempted to tell her how much I loved her in Josie and the Pussycats, but I was convinced out of it.  Oh well…
The three of us ended our night at Café Roma, yet again.  I got a puff pastry with ice cream dessert, which was wonderful.  Emily, on the other hand, got an omelet and I got to try some.  It was the most delicious omelet I’ve ever had.  There was absolutely no grease, whatsoever, and it had so much flavor to it.  I was so jealous and wish I would have gotten one.  After we spent our night conversing in this outdoor restaurant right outside the Palais, we went back to our hotel.  I was asleep by midnight, which made for a glorious night’s rest.

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