Day Off

FINALLY!  MY DAY OFF!  Emily and I both had the day off so we thought we would start the day by seeing a movie before going to the beach.  After getting nine amazing hours of sleep, we left for Cannes for an 11:30am press screening of Beloved, a French musical.  It is the closing night film, but the press screenings for this particular film take place a day before.  Emily and Genevieve, who also came with us, had tickets to the film, so I just waited in the rush line.  It was practically empty so we got into the Lumiere without a problem.  I even got a seat right in the center of the balcony.  There were so many empty seats too.  The film itself was very cute in the beginning and I loved it.  It could have done without the singing, especially since it didn’t dominate the film (there were only six songs), but some of them were cute.  The film stretched from the 1960s to the present and followed the relationships of a mother and her daughter.  Like I said, the beginning was adorable, but once the 2000s hit some of the material was a little unnecessary.  I don’t want to get too into it, but maybe I will… It’s not like it’s going to be released in the United States anyway.  Was bringing September 11th into it really necessary?  Was bringing AIDS into it really necessary?  What about suicide… with an overdose of AIDS medication… after you have a three-some with a gay man and his boyfriend… after you beg one of them to have your baby?  Exactly.  It just got to be too much.  I like the 60s part when it was about the mom being a hooker and meeting her husband on the job… that was cute, sort of.  Well, interesting to watch.  The film was also too long.  It was about two and a half hours and it should have ended after the daughter committed suicide, but it just went on and on and on after that.  I was sick of watching them mourn over her death.  Nothing else happened except the mourning of her death for another 45 minutes.  Enough already, right?
After the film, Emily and I went to a flea market, but since we were going to the beach, we didn’t end up buying anything.  I was really considered buying some artwork, but I didn’t want to carry it around with me all day.  We got lunch at a little street-side café and I finally got to eat escargot while I’m in France.  It was delicious, but a little bit of a struggle clamping the shell.  I’m just strong enough for that!  We took the ferry from Cannes to Ile Marguerite, which is supposed to be an adorable island with no cars and beautiful beaches… well, there were no cars.  The view of Cannes from the island was gorgeous, and the ferry ride was great because we got to be next to some of the most amazing yachts in the world.  The island pretty much consisted of a fort and a village and beaches lined it, except the beaches were rocky.  We found an area that was out of the way of people and filled with leaves instead of rocks to lay out for about an hour and half.  The water was beautiful and the perfect temperature.  We came back on the last ferry to Cannes and decided to go to the beach there before heading back to the hotel.  I swear, it NEVER gets dark in Cannes, so we were lying out on the beach until 8pm and it was still warm and sunny enough to be there.  I love how many strawberries they eat in France!  I got a bowl, which they sell at about every food stand, and eat those on the beach.  So refreshing!  Obviously, this was the perfect day off!
We walked back to our hotel together and decided to get ready before going out again.  I ended up spending a large amount of time packing and showering that I lost track of time.  Emily’s roommates and I ended up just staying in La Bocca and going out for dinner and drinks at a local restaurant.  It saved us so much money not paying for a taxi!  I got seafood pasta, which was good for a little bit, but it got to be too much after awhile.  I’m really going to miss getting loads of bread with every meal and ordering cheap wine for dinner.  Dinner ended up being really fun and I was really happy that we didn’t spend all of the extra money to go back to Cannes.  We also got to go to bed early.  We had a big day ahead of us.  They replay every single film in competition on the last day so I wanted to catch as many as possible.  I picked out four films: Melancholia, The Tree of Life, The Skin I Live In, and Drive. I’m sure tomorrow’s blog entry will just be filled with reviews of these films since that’s all I’m doing.

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