First Day in Park City

I am so happy that I made the decision to come out to Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. Even though I was placed in Salt Lake City, I am spending the first few days in Park City with my old friend Liz. Liz and I have known each other since we were about 4 years old. We went to grade school together, played volleyball together, and stayed friends after we went to different high schools. She moved to Hawaii when we were 15 and I’ve only seen her a handful of times since.  We were excited to be reunited. She came to pick me up from the airport late on Monday night so we could be ready to ski early the next morning. On this Tuesday, we woke up and dressed as warmly as we could for the weather. Even though it was about 12 degrees, this was a warm front for those from Park City. We skied Deer Valley until about 2:00pm. The weather and conditions were great!

photo (14)

After we ate some lunch, we came back to her apartment to rest up. After dinner, we went to a bar on Main Street called O’Shucks. I remember joking around in college about wearing snow suits when it was cold out, but that is what they do here. Everyone is wearing hats, vests, snow boots, big jackets. Some even in ski pants. I’m definitely still getting used to the alcohol rules in Utah. You can’t buy alcohol from a grocery store. You can’t buy alcohol until after 11:30am. You can’t drink outside past midnight. You can’t have more than 2 oz. in a mixed drink. It’s pretty serious. We took a cab back at the end of the night and went to sleep, anticipating a day of snow shoeing in the morning. My first festival shift isn’t until the 18th and my training is on 17th, so I have some time to look over the program, read up on films, and make a schedule for myself. I’m hoping once I start working I’ll be able to come back to Park City to see some films and check out what’s happening here with the festival. I know transportation is a little difficult, so we’ll see! I have a lot of planning to do. Keep checking back for more posts. I am hoping I can post a blog entry for every day like I did for Cannes. Telluride, only being 4 days long, was a busier festival and after the second day I gave up on the posts. I hope I can keep up this time!

photo (13)


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