It was a little rough getting up this morning, but once we got dressed in our warm clothes and picked up some bagels, we were off to rent some snow shoes. It was my first time snow shoeing and I loved it so much. It was probably the worst/best work out of my life. The hike was a mile uphill to an abandoned mine. It was so cool. It took some pictures and took a little break before we headed back down. I fell quite a few times, but it was much easier and quicker. We came back to Liz’s apartment and had some snacks before I had to go to the Volunteer Check In for Sundance. It went by quickly. I got some food vouchers, guest vouchers, tickets to two parties, and my credential. We also got a film guide, magazine, and program. Our last thing to pick up was our festival uniform. It is not the most attractive jacket, but it’s at least warm. Liz and I went to dinner at Chez Betty where her boyfriend works. Wine, appetizers, salads, and an entree! We were stuffed, but I had to head over to the Volunteer and Staff party at PCMR. It was most certainly awkward not knowing anyone at a party of over 1,000, but I used my three free drink tickets, had some dessert, and a few conversations before coming back to go to sleep. Training is in the morning and I need to start creating a schedule for myself!

photo (12)


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