SLC Library

Friday was a slow day. I had to wake up early to head to Salt Lake City. Unfortunately the last bus left at 7:30 so I had no time to catch a film in the morning. I checked into my hostel when I arrived and took advantage of the down time I had before my first work shift. Unfortunately, except for weekends, SLC only shows films at night. After I unpacked, napped, and grocery shopped, it was ready to walk to the SLC Library for my first shift. There is an A team and B team that switch off shifts, but both worked the first night. I’m on the B team. The box office position is super easy and great. I’m inside, I get to sit, and I don’t have to interact with the crowds too much. We just give out waitlist tickets if there are some. I worked on the first film, so I didn’t have to stay for the second. I ran over to the Broadway theatre to catch Fallen City at 9:45pm. Fallen City, World Cinema Documentary Competition, “Fallen City spans four years to reveal how three families who survived the 2008 Sichuan earthquake embark on a journey searching for hope, purpose, and identity and a chance to rebuild their lives in a new China torn between tradition an modernity.” I was not interested  and it showed when I took a little cat nap. It was a beautiful film, but for 9:45pm it did not catch my attention enough. I walked back to my hostel afterward and went right to sleep, excited to see more films the next day!


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