Halley, Newlyweeds, We Are What We Are

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to see some films. After I woke up and walked up to the theaters, I changed my film schedule. I originally planned on seeing The Gatekeepers, but didn’t feel like another documentary. I went to see Halley at the Broadway. The film is from Mexico and in Spanish with English subtitles, however there wasn’t much dialogue. The summary: “Alberto is dead and can no longer hide it. Before surrendering to his living death, he forms an unusual friendship with Luly, the manager of the 24 hour gym where he works as a night guard.” The film is hard to describe, mostly because it’s hard to understand. I wish I could have stayed for the Q&A, but I wanted to catch another film. It was slow and weird. It was definitely graphic, but it really kept my attention. I constantly tried to make sense of the film which captivated me, but I never actually made sense of it. Maybe that’s a good thing? I rushed over to SLC Library for the screening of Newlyweeds. “A Brooklyn repo man and his globetrotting girlfriend force an unlikely romance. But what should be a match made in stoner heaven turns into a love triangle gone awry in this dark coming-of-age comedy about dependency.” I wasn’t impressed with the film, but it was impressive that it was the director’s thesis at NYU film school. He wasn’t as young as I thought. He is 32. They held a Q&A with Shaka King, the director and writer, and the two lead actors. I’ve really been enjoying the Q&As. It’s always wonderful to hear about the artist’s creative process. I had to work directly after. One of the films I wanted to catch was After Tiller, a controversial documentary about the four doctors who give third trimester abortions. We had massive security for that film. Once the two screenings ended, I walked to the Tower theater for the midnight film. It didn’t look that far on a map, but it turned out to be a 2 mile walk in 9 degree weather. I picked up my volunteer ticket and got a chai and warmed up in the coffee shop next door. The film was We Are What We Are: “A devastating storm washes up clues that lead authorities closer and closer to unraveling the dark secrets of the Parker family.” A horror film about cannibalism. If I can stay awake in a movie that late, that already says something. I felt bad for the ENTIRE CREW who was watching the film because although there were parts where the audience was frightened, the audience also laughed. It’s a horror film, it’s not supposed to be funny! …Even though I couldn’t help myself when there was a sex scene out of no where. I was so interested in the Q&A after the film. The first question: “What the fuck was that all about?” The director laughed and quickly moved on to real questions. I would never have the guts to ask, but someone did ask about the reactions, if they were what he wanted/expected. He said the audience reacted the exact way he expected and wanted, so I guess the laughing was okay with him! Since it was after 2am and my hostel was over a mile from the Tower Theatre, I shared a cab with a family on my way back. I got to sleep at 3am, but it was worth it! Another day in Salt Lake tomorrow…


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