As I’ve said before, I’m kind of checked out of the festival. I’m mentally exhausted. Because Salt Lake does not show films on weekday mornings, I had a free day with nothing to do before my shift. I decided to pack my suitcase, sleep in, and shower for once. I got to my shift at 4:30 and it was my last time working with my jerk co worker! I was so excited to be done. Awkward when he reminded me that I still haven’t accepted the friend request he sent me about a week ago. He will never get accepted. After my shift was over, I went over to the Broadway theater, got some popcorn, and sat down for the midnight viewing of Sightseers. A British comedy about serial killers. I wish I could give you an in-depth review or at least say something about it, but I was practically sleeping through the whole thing. I wasn’t actually; I stayed up for it, but I can’t even tell you how mentally exhausted I am and how difficult it is to concentrate anymore. So here’s the film guide summary: “Chris wants to show girlfriend Tina his world, but when events conspire against the couple, their dream caravan holiday takes a very wrong turn.” Pretty much, a couple that’s only been together for three months goes on a road trip around England in a trailer. They accidentally kill someone that they disliked on their tour, realize that they like it, and start killing everyone that bothers them. They also steal the world’s cutest dog (well, behind Kippy, and Heidi, and Uggy from The Artist). There is also a scene of a dog dying, which probably is the reason why I wasn’t a huge fan of the film. I took a taxi back to my hostel after the film. It still amazes me how much the cab companies suck over here. If I’m at the center of downtown, why does it take 45 minutes for a cab to come on a Friday night?


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