Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, The Spectacular Now

I took a day off on Sunday to enjoy the beach and eat some tacos with the roommates. I returned to the festival on Monday for Ain’t Them Bodies Saints at 4:50pm. It was a packed house for this film that’s been generating a lot of buzz since Sundance. Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck are the stars of this “reimagination of Bonnie and Clyde.” I didn’t love this film, but I enjoyed the time I spent with it. Rooney Mara was fantastic. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the premiere, so there was no Q&A following. I actually would recommend this film. I’m almost positive that the trailer just came out, so go check it out!

Although I had intentions to see Fruitvale Station at the gala screening, I missed it to attend a festival mixer happy hour. So, instead I decided to catch The Spectactular Now at 9:40pm. I enjoyed this film the second time just as much as I enjoyed it the first. The Q&A was EXCELLENT. Although I attended a Q&A at Sundance, it was great to experience it in a smaller setting. Also, Shalaine Woodley attended. We walked into the theater at the same time. She is a tall girl! Miles Teller was also present, as well as the two writers. Great questions were asked and informative answers were given. The cast and crew also had an awesome sense of humor and didn’t take the situation too seriously, which is also great. This film comes out on August 2 and I can’t wait for my friends and family to see another film by the geniuses behind 500 Days of Summer.

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