Monsters University

When I arrived at LA Live, I decided to take a walk around the area to find a Starbucks. The wifi in the filmmakers lounge is pretty miserable and I still had a lot of work to get done before I shut my laptop for the day. I found one nearby in a cute courtyard with surrounding restaurants and patios. Although it was difficult to see my screen in the sun, there was no way I could be outside on a day like this. Perfectly sunny.

photo (7)

Once I finished up some work, I headed to filmmaker’s lounge to get a drink and mingle before Monsters University at 7:30pm. I got in line for MU 45 minutes before showtime. Because it was an early screening, security was very intense! We had to check in all electronics, so both my cell phone and laptop. I security guarded then checked us over with a wand before we could enter. I got a great seat and was ready for the show to start. Without a watch, I was not sure how late the show started, but it definitely didn’t show on time. The Pixar short prior to the film was called The Blue Umbrella and it was amazingly cute as always. MU started and the opening scene BLEW ME AWAY. Little tiny Mike Wazowski was on the same level of adorable as Boo and Bonnie. Pixar knows how to make cute kids, that is for sure. After I, and the entire audience, said “Aw” about a million times, the opening credits rolled and the story began. I was hesitant going into this film. Pixar is my favorite studio. Toy Story 3 is one of my favorite films. The Toy Story franchise as a whole is remarkable in itself. Up, Wall-E, and The Incredibles are genius. Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc, obviously, are too! However, Brave didn’t blow me out of the water, and I didn’t even bother with Cars 2. I don’t want to think that Pixar is on a downward slope, but it felt like that was what was happening. They still got it though. Monsters University was fantastic! I laughed my butt off and smiled for the whole film. It was a perfect addition to the Monsters Inc story and the animation for all 500 of the monsters was insanely creative. Yes, 500. The producer and director came to do a Q&A after the film. It was a real treat! They said they’ve done crowd scenes in the past, but it’s more difficult with a film like Monsters. All of the characters, even the background characters, have to be unique. It’s not like A Bug’s Life where they are all just ants. That is amazing to me and really shows how dedicated Pixar is to their work.


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