I ended my time at the LA Film Fest with a festival mixer and a small independent film called Forev.  They added a third screening of the film, so it seemed promising.  After some time in the filmmaker’s lounge, I made it to the 9:50pm screening of Forev.  It was the only screening where I didn’t have to arrive early and/or fight for a good seat.  The film doesn’t have any recognizable faces or filmmakers.  It was written and directer by a young pair almost fresh out of college and they cast two of their close friends as the leads.  The film was a modern take on “making things official” in relationships.  The two main characters are neighbors and decide to go on a short road trip together to Phoenix and then back to LA.  On the trip, they decide to get married (feeling like no one else will marry them).  The audience never really understands if it is serious or all of a joke… and I don’t want to give away the ending.  I had heard good things about the film, but I wasn’t entirely impressed.  The writer/director pair did a Q&A after the film and I was impressed to find it that it was their first feature and they shot it with their friends and only on weekends.  That takes some dedication and I am definitely on board with that.  Being in the LA Film Fest is an amazing accomplishment for them!

I left the LA Film Fest aware that I would not be returning for its final day and the closing film, The Way Way Back.  However, it is a film I have already seen and loved.  Don’t forget to check that one when it comes to theaters this summer.

So long, LA Film Fest.  Telluride, I am coming for you in September!

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