Through film festivals, I have had the opportunity to see some great indies. Just this year, I was able to attend both Sundance and LA Film Fest. I’m attending Telluride over Labor Day weekend, and in 2011, I spent time in both Cannes and Telluride. When I’m not at a festival, I like learning about indie films that are buzzing and doing my best to catch them at the theater. To be honest though, most of the indies I watch outside of film festivals are ones that earn an Oscar or Golden Globe nom. It’s that film’s last chance to get an audience. Before that, it has a small theatrical release in NY and LA, or is released on VOD.

I’ve attached a great read about studio films vs. indie films. With such a small budget, indie films rely on word of mouth, which is why it is important to share with your friends, family, social media followers a film you love. If you are interested in seeing a film, it is not enough to talk about it. You need to spend the money and go see it. If it’s not in your area, VOD has a 90 day window with theatrical releases, so look out for when it comes to VOD. Don’t forget about it, and spread the word. Indie films don’t have a large marketing budget, and what is unfortunate is that the film needs to make money in order for it to stay in theaters or earn a wider release. Unlike studio flops that can hold screens without an audience. So just do me a favor, and check out some indies this summer 🙂


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