8 Reasons Why The Spectacular Now Isn’t a Stereotypical High School Movie

I had the opportunity to see The Spectacular Now at Sundance and the LA Film Fest and it has quickly become one of my favorite films of the year. Directed by James Ponsoldt and written by these two geniuses: Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber, The Spectacular Now is a raw and realistic take on high school relationships. Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller give excellent and already award-winning (Special Jury Prize for Acting at Sundance) performances as Aimee and Sutter as they explore the emotional and naive experience of falling in love for the first time. The film opened in New York and LA on August 2. If you in the Los Angeles area, you can catch The Spectacular Now at the Laemmle Monica 4, The Landmark, and The Arclight (Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Beach Cities). The release is getting wider as the month goes on, so check your local movie times to see when/where it is playing. Or just click this link: http://spectacularnowmovie.com/tickets

This film isn’t so much of a love story between Aimee and Sutter, but a love story between Sutter, himself, and the now. I’m so excited for my friends, family, and future audiences to discover what it means to live in the now thanks to some jaw-dropping adaptation by Weber and Neustadter. While you might go into this film expecting to find an unoriginal coming-of-age story, you will walk away with more of a connection to these characters than you have ever imagined. High school movies are typically unrealistic, but this one finds itself to be relatable with three dimensional characters. Here are my reasons why The Spectacular Now isn’t your stereotypical high school movie:

1. The poster is an Instagram.

2. Shailene Woodley did not wear any makeup for her role as Aimee. You see some natural sweat and blemishes on her face. It’s pretty awesome. Girl power. Make-up sucks.

3. Until she goes to prom… and she clearly doesn’t know what she’s doing. Purple eyeshadow?

4. Sutter might be “popular” and Aimee might be “nerdy,” but the costume designers knew that no high schooler is trendy… ever. The hot, red dress from She’s All That? Totally unrealistic. Red-striped, baggy shirt with pocket? Totally realistic.

5. The sex scene is just as awkward as your first time. It is not cute, awkward like The Notebook. It’s like, “Should I even be watching this right now? I kind of want this scene to end.” awkward.

6. Their first kiss might be adorable. And by adorable, I mean, neither of them knew what to do with each other afterward.

Note: During a Q&A, Shailene and Miles said their favorite ad-lib moment from the film was when Aimee moved the leaf from Sutter’s head.

7. Isn’t this how we all spent our high school days doing our homework and waiting for your ex-girlfriend to come online so you could IM your way back into her heart?

8. These guys wrote it. Remember, they brought 500 Days of Summer into our world and then stabbed us in the heart when Summer and Tom didn’t actually end up together… because GUESS WHAT. When people aren’t right for each other in real life, they actually don’t end up together. We hate/love them for reminding us that our lives are not a romantic comedy.
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Watch the trailer and go support this amazing indie: 


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