First Day of Films


I started my morning working the clubhouse breakfast shift. After meeting with Cole and Phillip for lunch, we traveled back to our condo and took a little rest before the festival actually began. After planning out our screenings for the week, we settled on a top ten must-see list. In no particular order:
1. Nebraska
2. Labor Day
3. Gravity
4. Tracks
5. Under the Skin
6. Blue is the Warmest Color
7. The Invisible Woman
8. Palo Alto
9. All Is Lost
10. Inside Llewyn Davis.


Scheduling on the patio

I miss this view!

I miss this view!

The Opening Night Feed was our second shift. It was mess due to a thunderstorm, but it was also my first thunderstorm of the summer, so can’t say I was disappointed.


We spent the end of our shift drinking the last of the alcohol and discussing which films we were going to be able to catch that night. If we saw Inside Llewyn Davis, we wouldn’t be able to see any other film. However, it would be the only chance to catch it.


With thoughts of being rejected from the line, we made our way to the Palm and waited for Palo Alto. This is Gia Coppola’s first film and it is based on James Franco’s short stories entitled Palo Alto Stories. Gia was there to introduce. The film follows two seniors in high school… and there is not much of a plot besides that. At least it gave a realistic representation of high schools, but I think the older crowd of Telluride was a bit disturbed by the characters’ behaviors. Immediately following Palo Alto, we landed a spot in line for the “sci fi horror” film by the same director that brought us Sexy Beast. Scarlett Johansson is the lone star of this film, who portrays an alien taking over a beautiful woman’s body. For me, this film was long, pretentious, and unnecessary. If it was not a midnight showing, I would have walked out at about a half hour in. Alas, I made it to the end of the film, and Phillip and I disagreed the whole way home to our condo.

Palo Alto The only worthwhile segment of this high school story is the young girl with low self-esteem who uses males attention and sex to feel better about herself (a vicious cycle). It’s a problem that is discussed frequently, but hardly portrayed. Otherwise, these stories are ones we have seen time and time again. The film needs a little help in the sound department, as there were multiple glitches that need to be addressed. C+

Under the Skin ScarJo is fearless and beautiful, but it is not going to save this story. Not only does nothing interesting happen in this film, but nothing happens at all. This story of empowerment quickly changes to a story of isolation, but don’t ask me how the plot progressed because I still don’t know what the plot was. Add in a drowning dog, an abandoned drowning baby, and a rape scene to end the film and you have one of the most unnecessary violent films I’ve ever seen. D



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