Final Day at Telluride

When the final day of a film festival rolls around, pass holders typically try to pack in as many films as possible. For example, at my first film festival in Cannes, I saw four films without a break: Melancholia, Tree of Life, The Skin I Live In, and Drive. If you’ve seen all of those films, you can understand that that is a lot of emotion for one day. By the end of Sundance, a film festival in which I attended 21 screenings, I was mentally exhausted. While the 8 films I’ve seen at Telluride does not compare, I still managed to reach that point. I decided to sleep in on my last day and take my time in the morning. My first stop of the day was the Labor Day Picnic.


I took my time eating and tried to enjoy being outside in the mountains before I had to return to smoggy and crowded LA. This place really is beautiful and I was so lucky to be introduced to it in the first place. Now I can’t imagine not coming back.


Phillip waited to get into The Past for a showing around noon, while I still had a longer wait to see Ida at 2:15. My first Polish film. I had heard wonderful things and at 80 minutes, I was excited to see a short film. An hour and a half before the film, and the line at the Nugget Theatre in the center of town was around the corner. Although I was worried because this was the only film I had planned for the day, I knew that I wouldn’t be too upset and I would still enjoy my last day at Telluride with or without a film. Luckily, I was let in and was able to watch this black-and-white feature. I feel as if I can’t give an accurate review of this film. It was beautiful and unique, but my heart wasn’t in it for some reason. Maybe another day I would have enjoyed the film and raved about it as I had done for The Past, but not this day.

Phillip and I finished our volunteer duties with a dinner shift at the clubhouse. There were only three of us working and it went smoothly. I think all Clubhouse shifts should only have three people.


My thoughts on this clubhouse shift.

With our friends attending one last film, Phillip and I bought another bottle of wine and enjoyed it on our patio for the last time. Once the films started to end, we met up with Cole at the staff party in Mountain Village. After many glasses of wine and lots of great conversations, we had to leave the party before the gondola stopped running for the night. We had reached the end of our second Telluride trip all together.


Two of my favorite film-lovers!

Until next time, Telluride! Thanks for a great trip!


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