Girls Season 3 Was Missing Something.

Girls Season 3

Girls Season 3 ended this Sunday and before we know it the show will end as well. Lena Dunham’s take on the twenty-something in Brooklyn can only last so much longer, as our main character Hannah has just celebrated her 25th birthday. This show will not work in their late twenties, early thirties. It’s honestly hard to believe that three 25 year old Oberlin graduates in New York City are still struggling to find a “real job,” but can also pay their rent on time. Brooklyn is a cheap alternative to Manhattan, but that does not make it cheap… especially where they live.

Season 2 of Girls had such a strong finish. This could be due to the fact that Lena Dunham wrote away Jessa, arguably her most pointless character, for the last three episodes. Season 3 opened softly and continued to remain soft throughout the entire season. In my opinion, the only episode where anything actually happened was our characters’ weekend at the beach house.

I think we can all agree that we watch Girls for the writing and we were given some inspiring dialogue this season. (My two favorites were from Marnie: “Guys, we’re so disconnected now. I thought that this would be a good opportunity to have fun together and prove to everyone via Instagram that we can still have fun as a group.” & “I wouldn’t be eating pizza in front of you if I liked you!”) However, there was something substantial missing from this season. Even with the created potential, there seemed to be an absent story.

Marnie Pizza

So what exactly were the missed opportunities of Girls this season?

1. Charlie
Of course. Weren’t we all mourning the loss of the best looking male character on Girls? Thanks to some creative differences, Christopher Abbott left the show. I still wonder how this season would have been constructed with him there? Would Charlie and Marnie have been together this season? This leads to…


2. Underutilization of Auxiliary Characters
As I am not the biggest fan of Hannah, much of what I enjoy about Girls is her supporting cast. This season was ALL about Hannah. Particularly, the exploration of her relationship with Adam. She missed major opportunities to introduce new story lines with the other three ladies.

3. A New Story Line for Marnie
How many times can we watch the “perfect” Marnie fall apart? Charlie has affected her happiness and ability to succeed in season one… season two… and oh wait, season three. Not to mention, Lena chose to take Marnie on this singing route? It was great to watch in a car crash kind of way in season two, but now I’m just convinced that Alison Williams just wants a record deal or a shot at Broadway. There is no comedic value to this anymore.


4. The documentation for Shoshanna’s turn for the worst
Shoshanna is one of the most unique and interesting characters on television and despite her annoying demeanor, is fun to watch. After her break up with Ray, she began to explore promiscuous and casual sex; however, this was only hinted at or briefly shown throughout the entirety of the season. Of course, we sympathized with her meltdown in the finale, but maybe a little more exploration as to how she got to that point.

5. Writing Jessa off the show
Couldn’t she have remained missing or just stayed in rehab forever and disappeared? Ugh, no one cares about Jessa.

6. Hannah’s New Coworkers
With the absence of Charlie, I was delighted to find some new likable, or at least interesting, coworkers for Lena to use. Yes, they were there to bring Hannah to her ultimate realization of “what artists will do for money and/or a career,” but if only we had some sexual tension? Unrequited love? Or perhaps she could have introduced her cute coworker to Shosh or Marnie and created drama there.


7. Friendly Fights
“Beach House” was the first episode where I felt like something happened, or all of the tension building FINALLY came to a point of discussion amongst the girls. As beautiful as the moment was when they ultimately expressed their pent up negative feelings toward each other, their interactions in the hotel room in the next episode were as if that conversation never happened in the first place.

I’m not going to rip on this season entirely. Like I said, there were some key moments with the dialogue and despite the fact that Lena really only gave the great plot to Hannah, Hannah’s romance with Adam this season was very touching. Adam is, by far, the most complicated character on the show and Adam Driver is, by far, the best actor on the show. How has this kid not won his Emmy yet? So, you give me more Adam and I will be a happy watcher. Although I was generally unhappy with this season as a whole, my love/hate relationship with Girls will continue and you will see me next season!


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